about us

Founded in 1983, Yona Yechiam Architects specializes in a wide range of both private and public construction.
Areas of Expertise
The firm is involved in many Educational projects, such as Schools, Preschool centers and Boarding schools nationwide.
The firm also specializes in Civic architecture, including various projects such as Community centers, Golden Age Homes and Synagogues.
Furthermore, the firm is involved in constructing neighborhoods, condominium complexes and residences for general building

Planning Values
Collaboration and continuity from the master planning (construction) stage all the way through the detailed planning and interior design stages ensure harmony in the final product. Having this in mind the firm employs both architects and interior designers, enabling us to address all planning stages under one umbrella.

Creativity, personal attention and meeting deadlines are our key values. Regardless of its scope, each project receives special attention and is closely supervised from the very beginning. Employing advanced software, our professional and creative team carries out efficient planning and meets tight deadlines. With 3-D software (Revit) we are able to present perspectives in every stage of the planning.

Our firm implements the principles of green and sustainable architecture. In 2001 we were engaged in planning a green educational campus in Rahat as an experimental project of green architecture in educational institutions initiated by the Ministry of Education. We are now successfully incorporating the principles of green architecture into all of our projects.

Creativity, personal attitude, and meeting schedules are important values in the office.

Yona Yechiam Architects
Education: University of Michigan, Master of Architecture 1989-1990
Technion, Bachelor of Architecture 1979.

Yechiam Golan Goldschmidt – Architects
""Yona Yechiam Architects" and "Or Architects" have been sharing an office since 2002, cooperating in some of the projects under the name "Yechiam Golan Goldschmidt-Architects". The office is managed jointly by the architects Yona Yechiam, Ilan Golan and Ronnie Goldschmidt.

The team consists of 9 architects and interior designers, a secretary and the design principals Yona Yechiam, Ilan Golan and Ronnie Goldschmidt..